Monday, January 3, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

Happy Belated New Years everyone! Sassy Chic here stayed up past 1am bringing in the new year thanks to thundering and rain. It was great though, not too much bad weather.

I made a new year resolution on my private page, but I also made some that I want to add to the list:

  • Make new and different jewelry
  • Learn how to crochet and knit different things
  • Sew pillows, dresses and purses
  • Finish my quilt
  • Make a embroidery quilt
  • Reorganize my books and see if I can throw any away
  • Save up money for a new digital camera(almost there!)

Just a few crafty things I want to complete. I hope to make some dresses like these if I can:

Talk to y'all later, hope you enjoyed my latest weblog. Please comment and rec! :~)
Much love,

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