Thursday, December 16, 2010

Scarves, My Cat, Jewelry

Last night my Grandmother brought me two more scarves to sell for her. I am listing them later on today. Here are the pictures of them:

I will list them tonight or tomorrow. :) I am almost finished with a purple and white scarf. My cat has tried his best to play with the ball of yarn so I had to get a scrap and taped it on the computer table and he's statisfied now. :)

I am fixing to list some earrings, key chains and cell phones charms on Etsy. I invite you to click on my store to see what all I have listed there. Here are some pictures of what's going to be listed on there:

That's it for today! Hope you enjoyed seeing different pictures of my creations & my darlin' kitty! ~<3

Friday, December 10, 2010

Crochet Flower Scarf

Recently me and my grandmother decided to created a new scarf. We made a pink scarf with a flower at the center. First time to crochet a scarf. Anyways, I listed it on Etsy and sold it a few days later. We're going to make some more scarfs, but here's the picture of the one we had made.

Pink Flower Crochet Scarf

Saturday, November 13, 2010

My Veteran's Day Artwork

Yes, I also create collages. For special occasions, songs, movies, etc. Before Veteran's Day I made a collage in remembrance. I thought I'd share them with y'all.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Listed on Etsy & Sold

I've sold three items this week on Etsy. I was beyond surprise and happy! My first sales! One is going to New York and one is going to California! I was amazed that this time I actually sold something! Let me back up. A year ago, I tried Etsy and failed. Nothing I listed sold, so I dropped the site and focused on eBay. Then, somehow, Etsy beckoned me back, so I re-joined.

These items sold this week on Etsy.

Silver Cross Handmade Earrings.

Turquoise Mother-of-Pearl Handmade Earrings.

Vintage Inspired Red Teardrop Handmade Earrings, Relisted on Etsy.

Now, hopefully, my feedback will be 3 at 100% positive! I'm so excited! I have a huge box full of ready made earrings, but I really want to make more. I have to sell some more before I can buy more materials...that's mine and my Dad's deal. I can do it, I know I can! If y'all want to check out my Etsy shop, here's the link ---> CraftyChic90.

That's it for today. Take care!
With Love,

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Colorful Chandelier Earrings

I recently made this earring and am now going to list it on Etsy. I really think the chandelier makes the entire earrings! The beads were just a mix I put together. Worked rather well, I think. These earrings are going to be listed at $2.99 and $2.00 shipping. I've sold some similar to these around town for $3.00 each, so I decided to keep the price the same.

I ran out of ideas how to display the earrings for the photoshoot. I was grasping at strings here when I saw my seashell vase. It worked surprisingly well! I was rather proud of myself! ha ha. Some earrings didn't show up good on the vase, but I was able to alternate them on a different vase. I was just tired of using the cloth display pillow. I want to add colors to my displays! Click here to view the listing.

Now, back to the Etsy world of listing! Until next time my fellow readers and creators!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Vintage Heart Earrings

A few months back, I went through my mama's jewelry box. I hoped to find something vintage, classy to wear. I came across a silver loop the had some beads on it and another loop that was broken. The wires were rusted and it looked like it needed to be thrown away. Well, I decided to repair it and keep it for myself. It took awhile, but I found some hoops and wires, voila! It looks like a really pretty vintage, classy earring that matches everything!

Are they not the cutest things? I wore them this past Sunday night at church and several people loved them. Of course, I told them I repaired them..but I am pretty sure I can actually make something like this. Although, it was a pain to repair--but I love the outcome!
Comment if you like! <3

Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Hop Friday Nite!

Well, this is my first time joining a blog hop as Sassy Chic! I've done it several times with my writing blog, Pioneer Writer. So, I was looking and looking, trying to find people to follow and asking them to check my site out. I came across Sassy Sites! which totally should include me, haha! Anyways, I decided to do her blog hop, here's the link.


Seriously, go check her site out, it's super cool!

Anyways, as I wrote on my Xanga of SassyChic10, I am going to start creating some fairytale jewelry. Ya know, the pink pearls....6 strand necklace...crystal earrings...etc. I want to make something like this(and I certainty will try!):

To see more of what I hope to create, click here.
That's it for tonight!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Favorite Necklace

"I have a lot of jewelry." My friends would say that is an understatement! But most of my jewelry I made myself. I taught myself at sixteen to make jewelry. Then in '08, I started selling them. They sell pretty good in my small town, so I broadened my horizon by selling online. I use the online selling sites, eBay and Etsy. I do pretty good, if I say so myself. I've wanted to have a blog talking about stuff I sell and things I make, so I decided to create this one for that purpose. I've started taking pictures of the new things I create and this will be a good way to share them, also while streaming with photobucket, perhaps.

At a gathering last year with my best friends, I asked them all to bring pendants to create necklaces. Mine was a turquoise themed necklace, as turquoise is my all-time favorite color. Below is the picture I took of it this year.

I used a metal framed turquoise with brown flowers pendant. The beads are turquoise stones that matches well with the pendant. I used stretchy string, I need to word that one better. I also used silver plated heart clasp for easy ons and offs. This necklace measures around 18" long, which reaches about 6" inches away from neck.

I really love this necklace, as it is my favorite I have ever made. I want to make more like this, but I haven't brought myself to do so. It takes a lot of work and measuring to get it just right. Maybe I will create one in the future.

By the way, the necklace is pictured on a crocheted fan that my grandmother made for me. I thought it blended well with this lovely necklace.

Leave a comment if you have time, I would greatly appreciate it and respond back!
~Sassy Chic~