Friday, October 22, 2010

Blog Hop Friday Nite!

Well, this is my first time joining a blog hop as Sassy Chic! I've done it several times with my writing blog, Pioneer Writer. So, I was looking and looking, trying to find people to follow and asking them to check my site out. I came across Sassy Sites! which totally should include me, haha! Anyways, I decided to do her blog hop, here's the link.


Seriously, go check her site out, it's super cool!

Anyways, as I wrote on my Xanga of SassyChic10, I am going to start creating some fairytale jewelry. Ya know, the pink pearls....6 strand necklace...crystal earrings...etc. I want to make something like this(and I certainty will try!):

To see more of what I hope to create, click here.
That's it for tonight!


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  3. Thanks for participating in our Sassy Sites Friday blog party...Featuring YOU!! Have a wonderful weekend!

    xoxo- Marni

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    I'm off to check out all your blogs! Happy Sunday!

  7. That is so pretty!!


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  10. Dear Natalie

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