Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Colorful Chandelier Earrings

I recently made this earring and am now going to list it on Etsy. I really think the chandelier makes the entire earrings! The beads were just a mix I put together. Worked rather well, I think. These earrings are going to be listed at $2.99 and $2.00 shipping. I've sold some similar to these around town for $3.00 each, so I decided to keep the price the same.

I ran out of ideas how to display the earrings for the photoshoot. I was grasping at strings here when I saw my seashell vase. It worked surprisingly well! I was rather proud of myself! ha ha. Some earrings didn't show up good on the vase, but I was able to alternate them on a different vase. I was just tired of using the cloth display pillow. I want to add colors to my displays! Click here to view the listing.

Now, back to the Etsy world of listing! Until next time my fellow readers and creators!

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